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Why you should invest in Thermal Solar?


Why you should invest in Thermal Solar?


Solar thermal technology uses sunlight to generate low-cost environmentally safe energy. It is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and it works by using daylight to heat fluid in panels on roof tops. This energy is used to heat water and other fluids, and can also be used for cooling. There are many advantages in using this type of resource. It helps the environment, saves on utility bills, and increases the value of a home. Some states provide incentives to residential, industrial and commercial customers through tax credits, grants, loans, rebates, exemption from local property taxes, to help defray the upfront costs.

This technology is used in a wide variety of applications. Some applications that are commonly seen include, but are not limited to, hot water heaters, and heating systems, pools and hot tubs. But what many people don’t know is that besides heating water and other fluids, solar thermal technology can also reduce air-conditioning and other cooling costs. Homeowners benefit hugely by the amount of savings this method can afford throughout the day and particularly during peak hours. Electricity rates are usually higher during peak hours. Which usually occur during the middle of the day while the sun is shining and the air conditioning load is at its highest. Owning a solar thermal system can eventually eliminate the huge costs of utilities and save homeowners a bundle.

Solar energy represents the current boom regarding renewable sources of energy. Solar panel installations have flourished. How can we explain this behaviour? Or better yet, why should one invest in solar panels?

To Save Money

Once installed, solar energy is completely free. Using solar panels as a source of energy will save you money on your bills since you will use less from your energy supplier. You can cover most or even all of your energy needs with solar panels, therefore you can save a lot in your energy bills. It is also true that solar panels only work during the day, so if you need electricity during nighttime you will have to use the energy from the grid. However, you can always organize your activities in such way that most of the energy-dependent tasks are done during the day.

To Make Money

Although it is commonly argued that solar panels are expensive, it is also true (and not frequently highlighted) that you can actually make money after some years of installing the solar system. Due to the Feed-In-Tariff, if your solar system is connected to the grid, you will get paid for every unit of electricity it generates. The tariff is free of tax and is guaranteed for 15 years (considering that the lifespan of solar panels is greater than 30 years).

Moreover, technology gets better with the passing of time, and so do solar panels. This not only means that solar panel efficiency will increase, but also that the cost of producing these items will continue to drop.

To Be Nice to the Environment

Solar panels rely exclusively on the energy of the sun to generate electricity. This means that opposite to fossil fuels, solar panels use the renewable energy of the sun to create electricity which is then used by households and businesses. Moreover, photovoltaics are silent and green, different to other sources of energy that can be very noisy and pollutant, like coal, oil drilling and nuclear power. Solar panels do not release any greenhouse gases and don’t require/pollute water in the process of generating electricity.

For Your own Comfort

Once the solar system is installed, you can almost forget about it since there is very little maintenance required. Just one professional check per year will be enough to ensure that your panels are working to their maximum efficiency. It is also good to check once in a while that the surface is clean and has not been blocked by leaves or other obstacles.

Moreover, off-the-grid solar systems are a good option for cottages or remote buildings with no access to the national grid. In this case, solar panels are a great solution as they will allow you to generate your own and free electricity.

For Future Generations

Climate change and environmental impact have become important issues for most governments for good reason. If we do not reduce our carbon footprint, we are not only destroying the planet we inhabit, but also putting at risk the health and living conditions of future generations.


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