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Mohammad Mansour

1A vegetarian and avid passion for environment, holds a Master Degree in public administration, worked 30 years in British Government under ministry of industry in London, On his rental apartments, installed the hot water solar panel, heat exchanger and PV panels for part of energy saving and reduce CO2 emission. Hot water solar panels and heat exchanger are 100% manufactured by his solar company from 2009.

Mr. Mansour has been funding for the R&D of solar energy; he is the chairman of AMR Solar LLC, the manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania.


Shafiq Rahman

solar-shafiqA vegetarian, lover of nature and animals, holds B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. 3 years working experience in thermal power plants in Ecuador, Paraguay and additional 20 years of business in DC.

Since 2009, dedicated for R&D in solar panels and heat exchanger. He is the CEO of the Company.